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Automated measurement system TEST-VXI UKAB-1 is indented for high precision simulation of voltages battery string cells of a spacecraft (24 cells with sequential connection) as DC voltage, and high precision simulation of spacecrafts temperature sensors as DC resistance. UKAB works in combination with AMETEKs Battery String Simulator or any others. UKAB is easily configured for any battery string because a number of channels can be changed using modules IPTN16 and MPS2.
System consists of channels implemented through modular architecture based on VXI standard:
- Channels for generating DC voltage for simulation of state of string battery cells.
- Channels for generating DC resistance for simulation of temperature sensors.
System includes an LXI mainframe with installed on it digital multimeter for monitoring values of simulated voltages of a battery string cells.
System is implemented in 2 electronic blocks:
-Electronic VXI Block -consists of VXI 4-slot mainframe, where installed are slot-0 of VXI system and functional modules, mezzanines. A communication panel to which wired channels of modules and mezzanines is attached to electronic block for external connections.
- Electronic LXI block- consists of MezaBox mainframe with installed in it digital multimeter DMM1.

General Characteristics
Power parameters:
- VAC with frequency (50 2) Hz (220 22) V;
- power consumption doesnt exceed 300 Watts;
Working conditions of operation:
- Surrounding temperature 5-40 C;
- Relative Humidity at 25 C doesnt exceed 80%;
- Atmospheric pressure from 84 to 106.7 kPa

System is supplied with cables and accessories for systems self test and validation during its exploitation.

Technical Characteristics
1. Simulation of state of battery string cells
- Number of simulated cells (DC voltage channels) -24
- Range of simulated voltage of battery string up to 108 Volts.
- System generates DC voltage on 24 isolated two-wired channels; the value of the voltage is by users program.
- DC voltage for each channel (cell) can be generated within the range from 10 mV to 4.5V
- A step to set generated DC voltage via program doesnt exceed 10 mV.
- Limit of allowed absolute error of generated DC voltage in an idle mode is 2 mV.

2. Simulation of temperature sensors
- System generates DC resistance on 8 isolated four-wire channels; value of generated resistance can be set by users program.
- Value of generated DC resistance can be set within the range from 95 to 120 Ohms.
- A step to set generated DC resistance via program doesnt exceed 0.1 Ohm.
- Limit of allowed absolute error of generated DC resistance in an idle mode is 0.1%.
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In 2007 Holding "Informtest" got the status of VXIbus Consortium Sponsor Member.
LXI Consortium

Holding Informtest is an Informational Member of the LXI Consortium since 2007.
AXIe Consortium

In 2012 Informtest Holding became the first and only Russian control equipment producer, admitted to the international AXIe Consortium.

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